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Mission Statement

Acorn Consulting Services is committed to providing definitive consulting services that help clients develop, deliver and operate high value facilities.

We provide comprehensive forensic analysis and litigation consulting expertise that assists our clients in the legal arena to achieve clarity with integrity.

Acorn Consulting Services

Straight talk about complex engineering issues guided by engineering expertise, experience, and problem-solving capabilities

Founded in 1999, Acorn Consulting Services, LLC, is an engineering consulting firm specializing in project analysis, forensic reconstruction, litigation support services and professional level training. Services are provided in support of projects relating to advanced tech manufacturing facilities, semiconductor fabrication facilities, institutional laboratories, health care facilities and various types of commercial buildings.

Project consulting services ranging from conceptual design review to development of strategies and programs for expedited project delivery are based upon past experience that includes hundreds of design and construction projects.

Projects ranged from full responsibility for new wafer fabrication plants to mechanical, electrical and structural systems for university research laboratories, commercial refrigeration systems, exquisite environmental control systems, cleanrooms for manufacturing and research facilities, code and permitting consulting for hazardous occupancies and analysis of problematic facilities in terms of retrofit or litigation||.

Forensic and expert analysis services range from litigation consulting (including strategic approaches to technical issues and coordination of the expert team) to analysis of issues and expert testimony. Experience ranges from federal court to mediation and arbitration venues. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we maintain an impartial, professional balance that assures credibility.

Professional Training related to the built environment from project management to code compliance/permitting and facility system design strategies. Public and private workshops and seminars are offered in a variety of seminar and workshop settings for upper level college students and practicing professionals.

Colleagues required to enhance a project team may include a range of the foremost subject matter experts in the country. Each of these carefully chosen colleagues brings unique expertise, experience and collaborative problem-solving capabilities to a team assignment:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Life safety system experts
  • Cost consultants
  • Testing and balancing technicians
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