Project Description

Failure of Utility Water Distribution System (AZ)

This project involved the failure of joints in a large underground water transmission system for a major city. The HDPE piping system was more than 3-miles in length and ranged in size from 12” to 54” with flanged joints containing up to (44) – 1-3/4” stainless steel bolts. The original contractor failed to properly assemble the flanged joints and failed to properly torque the bolts (required to be torqued to over 1,200 Ft-lbs.). As a result of the construction defects, the joints leaked upon testing and had to be reconstructed using new gaskets and other components. Consultation by ACS included auditing the original installation to determine the extent of the failures and design of a remediation strategy. The project was settled favorably on behalf of the city through a series of mediations. Represented city as plaintiff.