ACS collaborates with our clients and their design and construction teams to optimize the outcome of new and retrofit facilities by providing a range of high level technical services including:

  • Strategic Planning: Conceptual Design; Feasibility Studies & Evaluations; Value Engineering
  • Facility Retrofit and Renovation Strategies
  • Project Delivery Strategies; Selection of Design and Construction Teams
  • Design Consulting and Design Review
  • Code Compliance Analysis and Negotiation
  • Review of Construction Documents

Analysis and evaluation of claims and losses related to failed systems or other facility performance issues is provided on behalf of owners or attorneys

  • Litigation Consulting
  • Technical Analysis and Investigation
  • Claims Preparation and Analysis
  • Trial Demonstratives
  • Settlement Strategies
  • Expert Testimony

These services are provided with regard to deficiencies in HVAC systems, cleanrooms, piping systems, refrigeration systems, construction claims, structural failures, electrical systems, building and fire codes.

Public and private workshops, seminars and short courses related to:

  • Facility System Design
  • Project Delivery and Management
  • Code Compliance and Permitting

A cost and time-efficient means to bring your organization valuable information that increases their productivity and ability to perform as a team. Training fosters innovative and creative approaches to solving challenges and implementing insightful solutions.


ACS focuses on the high-value services that drive success in our clients’ projects. Whether you are interested in bringing a new construction project on-line, have an issue that requires forensic analysis, or need up-to-date training, ACS is your source for success