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“Thank you for talking to the insurance adjusters Engineer and helping him understand the situation. Your service and professional expertise were greatly appreciated. I will also pass on compliments to the folks at ACIG since they were the ones that recommended you. Great work, Bill.”

Roger Berry, CPC, VP Operations, SpawGlass
“The Patent Trial & Appeals Board agreed with us and found all of the asserted claims in the ‘388 patent invalid as anticipated or obvious by the Meckler patent. I’ve attached the decision for your reference. The Board specifically cites to your declaration throughout, and as support for obviousness of the ‘passive dehumidification wheel’ limitation.”
Alyssa N. Lawson, Esq., Robins Kaplan, LLP
“We had a chance to review your draft reports – wow, these are excellent and detailed!  We have no substantive proposed changes, and we prefer not to quibble with semantics so as to keep the reports entirely yours.”
Brian Roth, Esq., Gordon & Rees
“Thank you for your message. I am sure you can tell by reading the lengthy and detailed opinion of the appellate court that your guidance obviously influenced the defense greatly despite the fact that you didn’t have the opportunity to testify. Your help was much appreciated and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Elizabeth Kooyman
“You were excellent. One of the best experts I have ever used. Hopefully we can work on another case together. Take care.”
Paul S. Kular, Esq., Potts & Associates
“You reveal a level of professionalism not often seen in the HVAC industry. Seldom do we ever see any further correspondence if not awarded the project.

I know Arizona Air Balance will exceed expectations!”

Phil Hoyt, President, Tab Technology Inc.

“I want to thank you for your professionalism and the expertise you have demonstrated on our behalf. It has been a pleasure working with you”…….”Again, thank you so much for your great work.”

Carol Schiffman-Durham, Facilities Manager, Temple Emanu-El
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your devoted contribution in solving the K3 case. Your participation has always been encouraging and supportive to us and your achievement has definitely been crucial and invaluable for us in getting rid of the nightmare which kept our professional and personal lives overshadowed under heavy and dark clouds for almost a year. I would like to offer my profound respect for your professional manner and capacity, and say that I found complete confidence and reliability in you. I hope to work with you again, when an opportunity arises, but for a productive project next time, hopefully, not for a litigation-related project like K3.”
Kunihiro Misu, President, Nikken Sekkei
“I have personally known Mr. Acorn for over 36 years and worked with him professionally for over 27 years. I consider Bill’s character and ethics to be of the highest standard both personally and professionally. During my 29-year tenure practicing architecture, I have had the opportunity to work with many professional engineers and consider Bill’s expertise and capabilities to be superior in his chosen profession.

He is a success-driven, goal-orientated, self-motivating individual who can accomplish any task he sets for himself or the client’s he services. I personally and professionally know of many projects in which his direct involved has contributed substantially to the success of the program and delighted his client’s with a predictable outcome.

Not only is Mr. Acorn an accomplished professional engineer, he has authored a book on “Code Compliance for Advanced Technology Facilities”, published several technical papers and teaches coursework and conducts seminars at several of the finest higher educational facilities in the nation.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to write this Letter of Recommendation on Mr. Acorn’s behalf.”

James Canales, RA
“The current arrangement in the specifications regarding commissioning will uncover deficiencies in design and construction after the construction is nearly completed. A better way to handle the design deficiencies is to uncover them before starting the construction.

NIF has a rather serious problem of incapable of controlling the space pressure in laser bays. It was found during commissioning. Bill Acorn of Acorn Consulting Services (ACS) was brought in to determine its cause.

Bill did find the cause, as well as many other problems resulting from Parsons’ design. Many people at NIF were very impressed with his work, and I am one of them. I read his report three times during the past several months to make sure that I can capture everything he tried to tell us. It’s unfortunate that these design problems were not addressed soon enough to avoid costly post-construction modifications.

Dealing with Bill and reading his report are the silver lining when I face the dark cloud of problems in NIF HVAC systems. Since the performance of HVAC systems is also a very important factor in TSF’s success, I think you should strongly consider using Bill to evaluate the design of HVAC systems before they are constructed. Many people in the original A/E interview team of TSF Project were also very impressed by Bill, therefore you don’t not need to twist many arms to get Bill in to provide his valuable service.”

Sky Tsan, Design Manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
“I would strongly recommend Bill Acorn, P.E. as an adjunct professor with Arizona State University. I believe Bill represents one of the best mechanical engineering professionals I have dealt with within my 30 years in the design and construction industry.

I have known Bill for over 10 years in various professional capacities, which include the following:

First, as a capable engineering professional and owner of an engineering firm that provided numerous mechanical engineering designs, contract documents and construction support for large highly technical projects supporting my own efforts as project Director for Design and Construction for Motorola Semiconductor. In that capacity, Bill was intimately involved in establishing overall project design direction for projects and direct oversight of engineering development.

Second, as a strong supporter of ASU Del E. Webb School of Construction, and instrumental in the creation and development of the Cleanroom Forum, the Masters level Cleanroom courses and weeklong Cleanroom Workshop. He has also been sponsor and driver of CREATE research efforts for many years. In this capacity as teacher, mentor, and developer of educational programs; Bill has provided his exceptional industry expertise to technical education.

Thirdly, as an individual consultant and professional engineer, Bill provides expert witness consulting, forensic and general engineering consulting and is regarded as an expert in his field throughout the industry. I have dealt directly with Bill in my own role as an individual consultant with PPM over the past 6 years and he is well regarded by his clients and peers.

In summary, I can think of no better candidate to put in front of students and industry professionals in a learning environment to impart technical knowledge in engineering and construction.”

Bob Predmore, Manager Of Projects, Intel Corporate Services Construction
“Thank you for your all of your terrific work. Kevin Blair and I agreed that the settlement would not have been possible without your hard work and expertise in this matter. We are deeply appreciative.”
Shannon R. Wilson, Partner, Hutchison & Steffen
“Bill, my thanks as well. Your analyses and report were a major factor in bringing this to a successful conclusion.”
Rick Rohan, Outside Counsel to FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
“Bill. Thank you for all of your very good work on this matter and for educating me on the design of cleanrooms.”
Thomas J. Pappas, Attorney at Law, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer


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